Peakingtech Co., Ltd.

Peakingtech Co., Ltd is dedicated to energy-saving LED lighting products, specialized in R&D, manufacture and production of innovative LED lightings, LED solutions, and LED ODM & OEM services.

Peakingtech Co., Ltd launches a full line of LED lighting products, including LED canopy light, LED flood light, LED street light, LED tube light, LED bulb light, LED panel light, LED down lights. Their superb specifications, rock-solid quality and reliability enable affordable, energy-efficient and eco-friendly initiatives.

Peakingtech Co., Ltd has strong expertise and rich experience in design, development, manufacture and production of LED light products and projects. We manage well your projects through our LED professionalism, lean manufacture and localized supplies and help you shorten project turnaround, cut total costs and guarantee results & performance of your LED campaigns, projects and assignments.